ELCHS Jaguars logoThe mission of the East Lee County High School Athletic Department is to develop, enhance, and preserve the educational values of interscholastic athletics. The department serves its athletes by providing resources to develop leadership skills, mentorship, and opportunities for personal and athletic growth. In conjunction with the Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA), East promotes the spirit of sportsmanship and fair play in all athletic contests and works to safeguard the physical, mental, social, and moral welfare of all high school students. At East Lee County High School we will provide every student athlete an environment to achieve athletic success and the opportunity to utilize the formation of positive life skills.

Athletic Director

Mr. William Hagan, M. Ed.

[E-Mail] WilliamEH@leeschools.net

[Office] 239-369-2932 | ext. 1108

[Fax] 239-369-6104

Athletic Secretary

Ms. Toni Caro

[E-Mail] ToniSC@leeschools.net

[Office] 239-369-2932 | ext. 1116

[Fax] 239-369-6104